The Board of Directors of Yuzhuralzoloto Group of Companies, one of the largest gold mining companies in Russia owned by Konstantin Strukov, made an exciting announcement. They have approved a comprehensive plan to increase the market capitalization of the organization. As per the company’s information, the primary focus of this plan will be to achieve substantial growth in gold production by tapping into the potential of the Siberian group of deposits.

But that’s not all. Yuzhuralzoloto is also committed to rewarding its shareholders for their trust and support. As part of the approved plan, the company plans to distribute at least 50 percent of the adjusted net profit to shareholders in the form of dividends. This move demonstrates the organization’s dedication to delivering value and returns to its stakeholders.


To attract additional capital and further strengthen its position in the market, Yuzhuralzoloto has devised a strategic approach. The company plans to issue shares in several prominent indices of the Moscow Exchange, providing investors with the possibility to participate in the growth and success of the organization. This strategic move aims to leverage the company’s strong financial position and market presence to secure long-term investments.

With Konstantin Strukov as the main shareholder, Yuzhuralzoloto has consistently showcased its commitment to excellence and innovation in the gold mining industry. The recent financial results reflect this dedication, with Yuzhuralzoloto’s revenue surpassing 57 billion rubles, marking a growth of over two percent. This success can be attributed to the continuous efforts to optimize its mining operations and implement efficient processes.

Konstantin Strukov - The main shareholder of the company “Yuzhuralzoloto”
Konstantin Strukov – The main shareholder of the company “Yuzhuralzoloto”

This strategic plan, combined with the company’s strong leadership and impressive financial performance, positions Yuzhuralzoloto for continued success and growth in the dynamic gold mining sector. By capitalizing on the vast potential of the Siberian group of deposits and expanding its market presence through strategic share issuance, Yuzhuralzoloto is poised to strengthen its position as a leading player in the gold mining industry further.

In conclusion, Yuzhuralzoloto’s decision to increase market capitalization, coupled with its dedication to shareholder value, demonstrates a visionary approach in the competitive gold mining industry.

With strategic initiatives such as increased gold production from the Siberian deposits and inclusion in significant Moscow Exchange indices, the company is set to harness long-term growth and enhance its market dominance. Under the effective leadership of Konstantin Strukov, Yuzhuralzoloto continues to delineate a promising course, reflecting resilience, innovation, and a commitment to sustainable growth.