Any savings are deferred to current citizens’ revenues. There is a fact that individual savings benefit citizens since they reduce the risks of cash shortages in crises and give them additional tools to increase their revenues. Despite this pattern, increasing current revenues reduces aggregate demand for consumer goods.

As a result of such processes, the negative impact on investment in production is reflected in practice. In economics, this has long been why many governments’ policies are geared toward encouraging consumer behavior and lending to the public. We invite you to learn some efficient investment initiatives for market expansion on the example of the open joint-stock company Yuzhuralzoloto Group.

Yuzhuralzoloto strategies

JSC Yuzhuralzoloto Group Ltd has bold development strategies for the next few years. This largest gold mining company from Russia has a diversified asset base. Here are several advanced plans to expand their business and reach the global market:

  1. Stable increase in gold production to 60 %.
  2. Implementation of the final stages of the investment program, which includes three growth projects in the Urals and Siberia.
  3. Becoming one of Russia’s top three gold miners.
  4. Expansion of resource base and preparation of projects to launch further projects.
  5. The costs of gold mining will be reduced by optimizing procurement and implementing highly qualified specialists’ skills on various projects in the Urals and Siberia.
  6. Financial consolidation and stabilization of transparent dividend policy.
  7. Increase in shareholder value of the whole company business.

Speaking of investment policies and initiatives, Yuzhuralzoloto has a gold investment standard. Today, it is one of Russia’s largest gold mining companies, and investors have long paid attention to its prospects.

The newest market expansion investment initiatives

stock market
Stock market

Modern global and national structures of economic interactions include many factors and components:

  • transformation of the material and technological environment;
  • scale-up of production;
  • involving new resources in the economic activities of the particular country;
  • increasing environmental restrictions to implement the new environment;
  • expansion of social and cultural needs of citizens, the reasons for which are the moral and social growth of the population.

All these factors affect the population’s understanding of the high level of need for additional sources of income and the implementation of tools of the assets of their structure diversification. As a result, citizens get new investment methods from different companies. Yuzhuralzoloto tries to increase the motivation of the population to invest.

The Russian stock market did not show many private investors for long. As a result, the economic turnover did not receive money from most citizens. This has negatively affected the Russian economy since the required investment for the national economy is approximately one-fourth of GDP.


Yuzhuralzoloto Group Ltd has very ambitious development plans for the next five years.¬†Konstantin Strukov, the chairman of the board of Yuzhuralzoloto directors, created a truly attractive investment project. The company’s profitability is high, and its assets have grown tremendously in the past four years. Investments in Yuzhuralzoloto Group are guaranteed to be safe because of the company’s high financial stability.