In the modern world, it is believed that the creation of games is mainly done by men. And you can often hear some sort of man-designer behind a game series. But there are also women who are fans of games that create very cool projects. So, below, we will consider a few famous games, which are due to the appearance of representatives of gentle gender.

Amy Hennig

Amy’s been in the gaming industry a long time. She can even be called one of the pioneers, as Hennig began her professional activity in the 1980s. She then took a job with Nintendo and was soon entrusted by her superiors with the development of the platform game Michael Jordan and Chaos in the Windy City. This game proved to be quite successful, and Amy continued to develop her professional qualities. And soon, a Canadian studio called Silicon Knights took her to work, which was responsible for the game series, which became a hit. We are referring to Legacy of Kain.

However, the real success came to Amy Hennig when she started working at Naughty Dog. Because that’s where she started working on Uncharted. Amy directed the entire Uncharted trilogy, and also wrote the script for part three. And for us, it’s important to note that Uncharted has greatly contributed to the success of the PlayStation, becoming one of the most successful game series.

Alyssa Finley

Alyssa is another woman who has had a strong influence on the gaming industry. She was the executive producer and part-time director of Walking Dead and later Games of Thrones. But the first part of the BioShock shooter was its most successful product. The introduction of BioShock influenced the genre First Person Shooter. And the colossal work that Alyssa Finley and her little team have done has found great respect from everyone else in the gaming industry.

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Alyssa Finley

Robin Hunicke

Every fan of unusual and thoughtful indie games simply had to hear about such a studio as Thatgamecompany. Moreover, it has even begun to set new standards in the creation of adventure projects after it has evolved into a strong project with talented employees and extensive experience. Journey is its main legendary game, which causes many gamers simply unique emotions.

Robin Hunicke is the two words that the developers of Thatgamecompany call when people ask them about the secret of their success. It was this woman who produced the best games of this studio, for which she repeatedly received various prestigious world awards.

Rihanna Pratchett

Another very famous figure in the world of game development is Thatgamecompany. Gamers with experience must remember one of her first works, such as the Thief project, which offered gamers the opportunity to play for a thief who actively uses stealth techniques to pass. One of Rihanna’s relatively fresh works is a great action adventure with parkour elements called Mirror’s Edge.

However, Thatgamecompany only gained real popularity after her work as the main screenwriter for the Tomb Raider game series. It was Rihanna’s work that made the relaunch of the famous Lara Croft adventure franchise so phenomenally successful.

In addition to these three names, we cannot fail to mention Karolina Korpoo, Aya Kyogoku and Kim Swift. By the way, there are many more women who develop quality games. The scope of their professional activities covers not only PC and console games, but also those developed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. You can start apk download free, which you will find not only in the official Play Market app store, but also on the sites of some online catalogues.