Modern apps for android meet the different needs of modern people. The fact is that many developers cannot ignore the needs of entrepreneurs too. So that they can facilitate their professional work, they can download many new useful programs and make their job more efficient.

Google Business

Google Business helps users browse analytics and manage a company that sells products or promotes services without difficulty. Here are some functions of it:

  1. Placing data on Google maps.
  2. Providing information about shares and other special offers.
  3. Track subscribers, get ratings or feedback, and make comments.
  4. Add photos and videos from its commercial premises: offices, sales halls, and business centers.
  5. Communication with customers through a special chat.

Analytics at Google Business Application is very useful because you will be able to track the number of unique users browsing data, ratings, calls, reviews, and the number of connections to your website.



This program has a regular board with stickers. It has great value in the process of organizing teamwork, as well as a clear interface. Its wide and handy set of features will help you to control individual processes and ensure interaction between individual employees and departments with ease.

Here are some useful features of Trello:

  1. Lists of cases and checklists.
  2. Assignment or change of performers.
  3. Adding links that lead to some third-party websites or one of the cloud repositories.
  4. Message exchange within the task card.
  5. Ability to mark in the card the right specialist, drawing his attention to a specific situation.

At Trello, representatives of different language groups work, but you can download apk Hi Dictionary to make communication with colleagues more efficient and easy. It is a very useful dictionary with a large set of modern functions. In general, you can find many interesting programs on the Web. For example, Toolzu app, which will help promote your Instagram account.

Instagram download Toolzu


This is a comfortable messenger designed specifically for corporate employees. There are many opportunities for those who use this app:

  • conduct chat sorting within participants, topics and projects;
  • make video and audio calls;
  • to exchange files with different extensions;
  • archive message branches;
  • find files;
  • integrate popular services in the form of Google Drive and Dropbox, Salesforce, and Twitter.

The main strength of Slack is the ability to co-edit files. Thus, several users can make real-time changes to the document and post comments at the same time.


It is a popular CRM system that performs task scheduler functions. With WIX, you will be able to receive orders, track the process of communication of employees with clients, and view analytical reports on the work of the online store. If a particular website was created on the basis of the WIX, you could edit data with your mobile device.

Here are some general features of the CRM WIX:

  • launching promotions and various promotional programs for regular customers;
  • creation of direct dialogue with clients in the form of chats;
  • adding reminders or alerts for company employees;
  • review of information on requests or orders;
  • tracking the number of requests received, orders shipped, and orders paid for.

Asana is another good application that will help you distribute and control your work tasks at any given time. BPI apps will be useful for those users who use the services of this bank and want to make payments and track transactions without difficulties. Or you can start One Click Pro software free download if you want to retouch photos as well as adjust the white balance and exposure on your phone.