Implementation of business ideas in the production sphere is a difficult task that requires a person’s specific skills and initial capital. However, it brings a large profit, which is not even comparable to the profit from sales. In this article, we describe the most profitable types of activities for small businesses.

Manufacturing business from scratch

A start-up businessman should know his activity when he starts even inexpensive production. For example, this is a technique of manufacturing processes. If you do not have the necessary skills, the possibility of implementing such an idea will become too small. In addition, any production process needs equipment. This means that you will need space and a small start-up capital.

If you do not have the money to rent a building, you can try ideas for small manufactures that you can realise at home, such as in the garage or in the closet. In addition, you should carry out an analysis of the market of the future product, so that you know in time what its demand is, as well as you need to calculate the cost of transportation of raw materials or delivery of finished products and choose the organisational form of the enterprise and the tax mode.

The most profitable manufactures for small business

There are many production business ideas that will not require you to have a large upfront capital. Here are some of them:

  • furniture production or repair workshop;
  • tailoring shop, curtains, soft toys;
  • micro workshop where clothes and toys for children or animals are made.
Own production

Also, you can create souvenirs such as colourful magnets, handmade soap, cosmetics, t-shirts, cups with exclusive prints, bags and costume jewellery. There are also most profitable manufactures for small businesses that produce food and building materials. You will need large investments to open such a shop, but if you have a garage or utility room, you will be able to make cheese, meat or dried fruit.

Facing or building materials, goods for construction, repair work, home and garden decoration are very popular things today. So, you can start making pavement tiles or cinder blocks if you rent a small shop. This is the first production profit in three months, if you can implement this plan. However, you should keep in mind the issue of competition. If you have at least a million rubles, then you can start making thermal panels or flexible stone. This is a simple type of building materials production, which, however, will bring you a high profit.

Sale of manufactured products

The business plan development phase is the optimal time to find a market that you like. Thus, you can conclude preliminary contracts with such subjects as:

  • private traders who own kiosks and departments in the market;
  • owners of small shops and hypermarkets;
  • management of companies that use the goods you produce.

The Internet is your assistant in this business as you will be able to implement many undertakings through it. First of all, these are specialised marketplaces. The more sales channels you can find, the more will be your profit.