Artificial intelligence is a symbol of the evolutionary stage of human society that we’re going through right now. Automation based on specially designed computer programs and web integration is implemented in all fields of professional activity. Management in the field of business processes is one of the fields in which automation tasks are implemented most quickly and actively. Administrative terminology has two different terms, such as business processes and business projects.

Differences between processes and projects

The process is a sequence of operations that leads to the intended result and that has been worked out in advance. The project is a strategy for planning and achieving unique goals that have not yet been implemented in real life. The project is primarily the development of a new product and its implementation on the global market. At the same time, the process is the manufacture of a finished product, which was created at the stage of a successful project. Also, it is trading goods in an automated online store itself. Finally, the project is the process of developing a new E-Commerce scheme.

Process manager work as a digital routine

The manager who manages an established business process should not be creative. This is because a specially designed computer program or web service is engaged in analysing and gathering information about what is happening in the market. Analytical services have a great advantage because they are global in nature. On the other hand, analytical agencies provide the same information to all clients. That is why the individual analyst at the commercial enterprise is more effective.

Nevertheless, individual analytics and marketing research are expensive tasks that require not only the support of broad databases, but also the participation of experienced specialists in the field of activity. It can be said that individual analytics is the privilege of large corporations, and small businesses are content with data from Internet agencies. The supermarket manager does not do market analysis because he or she embeds the recommendations of digital systems into the commercial process.

Business process management

Global trend in digital process automatization

The twentieth century was a century of mass consumption because the reduction of manual labour and the introduction of automation into production and commercial processes took place. Henry Ford introduced a scientific organisation of workers on the grounds of his factories. Due to this, he received regular production of cars and its cost reduction.

The introduction of vending machines, self-service shops and fast food factories with the production of typical dishes led to a rapid growth of the consumer market. Innovation in management has entered the next development cycle and is being implemented digitally in the modern world. We mean the introduction of artificial intelligence components into the tasks of business process management.

Artificial intelligence and its general features

The human mind analyzes the experience of achieving the goals and simulates the optimal procedures on the basis of this activity, which help to achieve a quick and correct result of information processing. This is called self management. There is no mistake in opinion that artificial intelligence mimics human behaviour. During this process:

  1. Information accumulates that contains all aspects of achieving business goals.
  2. Algorithms of targeted processes are formed on the basis of analysis of process experience.
  3. The prototype of the optimal business process is digitally implemented in a computer program format that can automate all operations.

In the recent past, artists had to draw every movement of a cartoon character. Modern computer programs can perform any routine task of arter. This pattern is applicable in production, management and commercial activities too. There, the work of a regular manager becomes less in demand because computer programs come to replace it.