Despite the rich history of European stock exchanges, local stock markets have historically offered a limited range of tools. However, the advent of Freedom Holding Corp, owned by Timur Turlov, has brought innovation and disruption to the market. Freedom 24, the first online stock store of its kind, has revolutionized trading by enabling round-the-clock access and attracting customers from within and outside the Eurozone.

Backed by advanced technology, the platform’s developers have simplified the procedure of buying and selling securities, thereby making the stock market more accessible than ever before. Freedom 24 is not just a marketplace; it’s a comprehensive trading system offering educational materials, reviews, news, and analytics to assist users in making informed decisions.

In the first quarter of fiscal 2024, Freedom Finance Europe reported revenue of $25.4 million. As a member of Euroclear, the largest international central securities depository, Freedom Finance Europe (FFE) has broadened its range of operational, settlement, and custody services for clients, including many retailers.

Currently, FFE operates in Germany, the UK, France, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, and Poland. The European division plans to explore promising markets and expand its geographical presence. A significant milestone for FFE is its direct membership in the Athens Stock Exchange in Greece, enabling active participation in local IPOs and offering them to clients.

Stock exchange
Stock exchange

Presence in the U.S.

Turning our attention to the United States, it’s been four years since Freedom Holding Corp. went public with its IPO on Nasdaq. During this time, the company has significantly strengthened its presence in the U.S. market.

In December 2020, Freedom acquired Prime Executions Inc., a broker and member of Nasdaq, NYSE, FINRA, and SIPC. In February of this year, the company strategically acquired U.S. investment bank Maxim Group to enhance its operational efficiency.

Having obtained licenses to provide underwriting services, Freedom Holding Corp now organizes its IPOs on U.S. exchanges. This year alone, they have successfully launched several companies.

Freedom Capital Markets facilitated follow-on deals for issuers such as VolitionRX in the drug development sector, Contango ORE in the gold mining industry, Intensity Therapeutics in biotech, and Beam Global, specializing in alternative energy stocks. Moreover, Freedom Capital Markets underwrote the preferred stock offering of LuxUrban Hotels, a company focused on long-term hotel rentals.

With ongoing growth and development, Freedom Holding Corp is expanding its range of services and conquering new markets. The company’s remarkable success is evident in its figures, with FRHC shares growing sixfold since the IPO and its market capitalization reaching $5 billion.

This success has attracted not only retail investors but also institutional investors such as Morgan Stanley and hedge fund Two Sigma Investments. Additionally, the holding shares are included in the MSCI U.S. Small Cap 1750 and MSCI U.S. Investable Market 2500 indices.