German Khan is one of the most famous businessmen in Russia, who became rich thanks to the oil and gas industry. He is the largest shareholder of Alfa Group. In the past, he headed MNC, which became one of the largest oil and gas enterprises in the Russian Federation. That is why you will surely be interested in getting acquainted with the way of life of this expert and his contribution to the development of the oil and gas industry.

Early years and education

German Khan was born on October 24, 1961, in Kyiv. He grew up in a family of teachers and became interested in science and technology as a child. After that, this young man graduated from school. He worked for some time as a locksmith on the staff of the Kyiv plant. However, he got a profession at the same time.

After he graduated from the technical school, German entered the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys. This event became significant in his life as it enabled him to find functional colleagues and acquaintances in his field of activity. After he received his higher education, German began to make rapid progress in his career.

Door to success

German started his career in the oil and gas sector in the 1980s with the help of his friends from the university, such as Mikhail Friedman and Alexander Kuzmichev. However, the promotion could have been smoother and even. So, Khan tried to develop his talent in other fields periodically. For example, in 1989, he organized his cooperative, which engaged in tailoring.

In 1990, Friedman asked German to take up the position of wholesale manager at Alfa Eko. In this Corporation, Khan managed to gain a reputation as a successful manager, allowing him to continue his professional growth and create huge capital now. In 1996, German became chairman of Alfa Eko. Moreover, in 1998, German Khan assumed the position of MNC vice-chairman with the assistance of Friedman, which Rosneft bought in 2013.

He invested a lot of time and effort to create a strong and sustainable corporation that would be competitive in the global market. Khan then became head of L1 Energy. It is a company whose work was organized with money from Alfa Group to invest in international oil and gas production.

German Khan

Leadership in the oil and gas sector

German is one of the best oil and gas professionals in Russia and the world. He has long been an expert in exploring and extracting hydrocarbons and managing large projects in the oil and gas field. In addition, he was actively involved in creating an environmentally sustainable MNC corporation, which follows strict environmental standards and introduces innovative technologies to minimize adverse environmental impacts.

In addition, Khan actively participates in developing the oil and gas industry in Russia and abroad. He is an associate of the Board of Directors of the Russian Oil Company, and he is also an adviser to the President of the Russian Federation on gas and oil extraction.

The contribution to the economy and social projects

German made a significant contribution to the Russian economy through his activities in the oil and gas industry. MNC became the largest taxpayer in its district and one of the largest taxpayers in Russia. In addition, the Corporation is implementing local social projects to improve residents’ quality of life, such as the construction of schools, kindergartens, health centers, and other social facilities.


German Khan is an excellent example of a successful entrepreneur who achieved high results with his work and diligence. He is a leader and expert in this field and contributes significantly to the region’s Russian economy and social development. Thanks to his achievements, Khan is a role model, and many entrepreneurs today look up to him in Russia and abroad.