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L.A.M.A. Luau

The 8th annual L.A.M.A. Luau was held on Saturday evening, March 30, 2019, from 4:30 until 6:30 PM.  The festivities included a chili cookoff, soup cookoff, and dessert cookoff.  Plan to bring your favorite dishes for the judges to taste at the 9th annual L.A.M.A. Luau to be held on March 10, 2020; you could be the winner of the best chili, soup, or dessert.  Games, music, bucket raffles, and a quilt raffle will round out the festivities.  Come join the fun!

LeRoy City Lines

LeRoy City Lines celebrated its second anniversary December 1.  What started as a single bus providing commuter bus service to Rochester has grown into three buses providing two routes daily to Rochester along with charter services. The growth of LeRoy City Lines has been a plus for LeRoy and the surrounding area.  Watch the following news story done by KAAL TV 6 about the one-year anniversary of LeRoy City Lines. 


In November, 2016, the LeRoy Economic Development Authority purchased a 31-passenger commuter bus.  The bus is used Monday through Friday to transport people to Rochester for work, appointments, or shopping. "To have a future, small cities like ours must be vigilant to seize upon any opportunity to enhance the attractiveness of our community," says Brian Thiel.  "LeRoy City Lines is for all of us, for commuters to get to work and back, or anyone who wants to spend the day in Rochester without having to drive."  Anyone riding the LeRoy City Lines bus can use their ticket as a transfer to catch a ride on a Rochester Public Transit bus to reach a  secondary destination.  Ticket prices are very competitive offering Spring Valley level prices.  Mayo employees who receive a subsidy from Mayo pay $148 for a monthly pass and $52 for a 10-ride pass.  Non-Mayo passengers can buy a monthly pass for $228 or a 10-ride pass for $92.  The one-way cash fare for any rider is $11.  An annual pass will not be offered at this time, but it could be added in the future.  Please visit www.leroycitylines.com or visit their Facebook page (LeRoy, MN City Lines) for more information.  Watch the following news story done by KAAL TV 6. 


Route Schedules:

Early Route-Morning                          Second Route-Morning

Depart Chester (Truck Stop)-5:10 AM            Depart Chester (Truck Stop)-6:10 AM

Depart LeRoy-5:24 AM                       Depart LeRoy-6:24 AM

      --                                                   Depart Grand Meadow-6:45 AM

Arrive St. Marys-6:05 AM                    Arrive St. Marys-7:10 AM

Arrive Downtow-6:10 AM                     Arrive Downtown-7:15 AM

Early Route-Afternoon                        Second Route-Afternoon

Depart St. Marys-4:05 PM                   Depart St. Marys-5:05 PM

Depart Downtown-4:12 PM                  Depart Downtown-5:12 PM

Arrive Grand Meadow-4:46 PM            Arrive Grand Meadow-5:46 PM

Arrive LeRoy-5:07 PM                          Arrive LeRoy-6:07 PM

Arrive Chester-5:18 PM                        Arrive Chester-6:18 PM

Culpepper & Merriweather Circus

The Culpepper & Merriweather Circus returned to LeRoy on Monday, July 30, 2018. 

LeRoy Farmers Market

The LeRoy Farmers Market is now open for their third year.  The market is located at the LeRoy Center for the Creative Arts.  In case of inclement weather the market is then moved to the LeRoy Community Center.  The market is held each Thursday from 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM.  The market will be offering home-grown and home-made items.  For more information check out the website or email at FarmersMarket@leroymn.com, or at www.farmersmarket.leroymn.com.

LeRoy EDA Advent Calendars:

Continuing a tradition that began in 2011, the LeRoy Economic Development Authority will be conducting the 2019 Advent Calendar promotion.

Remember, there are only 100 calendars printed, so the odds of winning a prize are about 1:2.  Winning numbers will be posted daily at city hall, the post office, and on the "LeRoy EDA: 2018 Advent Calendar Promotion" Facebook group and weekly in the Mower County Independent.  Proceeds will go toward beautification projects around the city.

Watch for the 2019 Advent Calendar promotion to begin in early November, 2019.


Frugal millionaire leaves town fortune:

 A 94-year old World War II veteran who quietly amassed a small fortune by living a modest lifestyle surprised everyone in the small town of LeRoy, MN, when he passed away recently.  Loren Krueger bequeathed $3 million to various groups in his will, but only his lawyer knew about the gifts in advance.  Watch the video:



Dogs and Cats:

  • Running at large prohibited.  It shall be unlawful for the dog or cat of any person who owns, harbors, or keeps a dog or cat, to run at large.  A person who owns, harbors, or keeps a dog or cat that runs at large shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.  Dogs or cats on a leash and accompanied by a responsible person or accompanied by and under the control and direction of a responsible person, so as to be effectively restrained by command as by leash, shall be permitted in streets or on public land unless the city has posted an area with signs reading “Dogs or Cats Prohibited”.
  • License required.  This section repealed by Ordinance Amendment on October 5, 2015.
  • Cats.  Cats shall be included as controlled by this division insofar as running at large, pickup, impounding, boarding and proof of anti-rabies vaccine is concerned.  All other provisions of this section shall also apply to cats unless otherwise provided.
  • Vaccination.
  • All dogs and cats kept harbored, maintained, or transported within the city shall be vaccinated at least once every three years by a licensed veterinarian against rabies with a live modified vaccine.
  • A certificate of vaccination must be kept on which is stated the date of vaccination, owner’s name and address, the animal’s name (if applicable), sex, description and weight, the type of vaccine, and the veterinarian’s signature.  Upon demand made by the City Clerk-Treasurer, the Animal Control Officer or a police officer, the owner shall present for examination the required certificate(s) of vaccination for the animal(s).  In cases where certificates are not presented, the owner or keeper of the animal(s) shall have seven days in which to present the certificate(s) to the City Clerk-Treasurer or officer.  Failure to do so shall be deemed a violation of this section.  Penalty, see §10.99.
  • Identification Requirements.  It is unlawful for any person to keep, harbor, or maintain a dog or cat over the age of four months unless it has an ID tag, to be worn at all times, that has on it the owner’s name and contact information, including a valid telephone number, or unless it is micro-chipped with the micro-chip data contact information kept up to date.  However, if the animal is harbored or kept on the premises of a recognized Humane Society Shelter or pet store it need not have an ID tag or be micro-chipped.  (10/5/15)

City Ordinance allows up to three (3) dogs per residence; kennels (four (4) or more dogs) are not allowed within city limits.

   When walking your dog, please pick up any "litter" produced by your dog.  Be considerate of your neighbors and control your dog's barking.

Golf Carts are to be Licensed Annually:  

  City Ordinance states that no person shall operate a motorized golf cart on streets, alleys, sidewalks or other public property without obtaining a permit as provided herein.  The annual permit fee for a golf cart is $5.00.  Golf cart permits are issued for each calendar year, from January 1 through December 31 of each year or any part of a year thereof.

   Motorized golf carts may only be operated on designated roadways from sunrise to sunset.  They shall not be operated in inclement weather conditions or at any time when there is insufficient light to clearly see the persons and vehicles on the roadway at a distance of 500 feet.  Motorized golf carts shall display the slow-moving vehicle emblem provided for in M.S. 169.522 as it may be amended from time to time when operated on designated roadways.  Motorized golf carts shall be equipped with a wing-style rear view mirror to provide the driver adequate vision from behind.

     Golf Cart Permit Application













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