City Officials


City Clerk
The City Clerk is the administrative official for the City of LeRoy. The clerk's duties and responsibilities are quite varied. The clerk takes care of the monthly water and sewer billings, keeps the official minutes for the City, maintains the bookkeeping system for the City, and maintains the official seal for the City of LeRoy.

City Hall is located at 122 West Main Street. Regular office hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. The telephone number to City Hall is 507-324-5707; the fax number is 507-324-5085.

City Maintenance Department
The City Maintenance Department is responsible for the maintenance of the city streets and alleys, water system, sanitary sewer system, and city parks  The Maintenance Department consists of two full-time employees. Their duties are quite varied. The Maintenance Department offices are located at 122 West Main Street. The Maintenance Department cell number is 507-226-3476.  City Hall can also be contacted to leave a message for either of the maintenance department employees.


Economic Development Authority (EDA)
Members Include:

  • Sara Gerk
  • Craig Jacobson
  • Axel Gumbel
  • Josh Diemer
  • Jody Morrow
  • Jan Whisler, Council Representative
  • Brian Thiel, Council Representative

The LeRoy Economic Development Authority was authorized to be formed by the LeRoy City Council on April 5, 1993. The board consists of seven members, five at-large members and two members of the city council.

City Council
Members include:

  • Brian Thiel, Mayor
  • Kathleen Gottschalk
  • Ashley Huntley
  • Jan Whisler
  • Harold Shipman

The mayor is elected to a two-year term. The council seats are four-year terms, with two seats up for election every two years. The city has elections on the even-year cycle.

The City of LeRoy
122 W Main Street, Box 359 | LeRoy, Minnesota 55951
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